Anti Death Penalty Protest

Anti Death Penalty T shirts
Anti death penalty protest

The death penalty is the most gruesome reminder that much of the world still operates on a base and cruel level. The death penalty is inhuman, cruel, irreversible, not a deterrent, and violates basic human rights. That it is practised in non-democratic countries is a stain on the world, but that so-called democratic nations like the USA still practice the death penalty is an appalling indictment of our world. We must campaign to get this anomaly removed as a punishment all around the world - but especially in the USA and other democratic nations where the voice of reason should always prevail.

Death Penalty Statistics

Executions in 2005:

According to Amnesty International atleast 5,186 people were sentenced to death in 53 countries. They say that this is a minimum and the actual figures are higher

Anti Death Penalty T shirts

So many people see your T shirt - you can use it to raise awareness and change the world. As humans we must abolish the death penalty as soon as possible
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