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Top Ten Tips to getting traffic to your new website!                  

If you have just started your online business then you know how important it is to get traffic flowing to your site. You can have a fantastic website, selling great products, but if no one is visiting then the kettle is really made of copper (to use an old Ukrainian saying).
Try these methods to make your traffic increase. Remember the net levels the field between competitors, no matter how big your competitors are you have a place on the net.

The most important thing to remember when trying to build traffic is that people crave information and opinions. And YOU have opinions! We all have opinions, but not everyone shares them on the web. Start doing that and you are well on the way to increasing your traffic. Use these tips:

1. Start a blog. Write informative and interesting articles about your industry. Make sure you submit your blog URL to blog directories and you will start getting interested traffic. This will take time, but it is good solid traffic and worth getting.

2. Write on-topic information pages on your industry sector.

3. Write articles on local events and happenings. If there aren't any for your sector then start some! Make sure you take photos and write it up when you get back. Launch a new product, sponsor a local team, have a BBQ. Whatever you do, write about it afterwards on your site!

4. Offer freebies. Whatever you can think of, people love a freebie. If they know that it keeps changing then they will keep returning. Bingo!

5. Become a centre of information for your industry. Don't just have your store and what you have for sale, list other reference sites and get a real directory together. Become the source on the web for your industry.

6. Specialise in a niche. Leave the generalities for the big boys and specialise. Remember if people come to you because of your expertise in one specific area they will stay for the generalities as well. Two birds, one stone!

7. Join a social network like Myspace and start networking! There are loads of social networks, join up and learn from other entrepreneurs.

8. Offer some useful tools online for your industry - What do people need to calculate in your sector? Eg - Conversion between European and USA sizes?

9. Write reviews on relevant products that people in your industry need. And think laterally. People who use your product might also be searching for ...what? Think of it and review that aswell.

10. Cross-fertilisation! Join forums that are relevant to people who buy your goods. You have opinions on everything - so use them!


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