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Drawings by artists on T shirts

More drawings and sketches on T shirts
Click on a drawing for more information. Prices are £22.99 for these drawings on T shirts
Using the T shirt as a canvas takes these drawings out of the gallery or artist's drawing book and makes the whole street an art gallery! Here we have drawings and sketches by fine artists that you can wear! Enjoy!
windows fine art drawing
vicar drops baby in font T shirt
 Vote for me... (see bigger drawing)  I was born to rock (see bigger drawing)

 The travel agent...(see bigger drawing)

Sure you only see me every 4 years, yes I claim huge expenses and voted myself an enormous payrise...but please - vote fo me!

I was born to rock. But I can only do it when I get home from the bank

The travel agent needed a holiday before she went mad

fine art drawing
fine art drawing
fine art drawing
 I thought I was dying...(see bigger drawing)   A nice cup of tea solves everything ( see bigger drawing)

Honest Dave's cars ( See bigger drawing)

I thought I was dying, but I wasn't *Legal Dislaimer: 'Eveything is used in the sense of 'not everything' Ripping you off since 1984

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