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This is not reality
Sick of reality TV shows? Get this Tee and make your views heard.
Premium design: £24.99
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Sometimes you know when you need to protest against misuse and this is the only word that will do.
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'When it's not working out'
Simplicity in design, but a great message to the baddies who are destroying the world. Use it and wear it on all protests and demos.
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''Simple but effective design!'


Free Speech
World's Worst Dictators
That these people rule countries is a blot on the world. Show your anger.
'Dictators in the 21st C?? no!'


Death - kill the penalty
This is a no-brainer isn't it? In 2004 Amnesty lists the top countries by number of executions. The usual motley crew - China, Iran, Saudi. And the US. How can a country claim to be developed if it executes its citizens?
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'Anti-death penalty T shirts are very rare, so if you care about this issue, get this T shirt'

Free Speech
This most important factor in our societies is under threat. Get a Free Speech T shirt and help make sure we don't lose it,
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'Bring an important issue to people's attention and show that you care'


Guantanamo Bay Legal Black Hole
Guantanamo Bay. What do they think they are doing? No amount of talk about democracy can stop the damage caused by this human rights violation.
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'Guantanamo bay is the human rights abuse of our time. Register your protest with this T'

Fairer Trade
World trade rules are set by the rich nations. Guess who they benefit? Campaign for fairer trade and stop systemic expolitation.
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'Fairer trade is vital for improvements in living standards for billions of people. Get this message across.'

Down with bad things
The archetypal protest T shirt. When there's so much that needs changing a general purpose T shirt is often the way. Campaign with a dash of humour!
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'A great protest T shirt for all occasions! Protesters have a sense of humour too!'


USA - rogue state
Read the definition of a rogue state and you'll find one of the countries that fits it best is our old friend the USA. It could be such a force for good in the world - as it has been in the past. Protest at the USA's current behaviour.
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'Make the USA examine its own behaviour.'
Politicians tell porkies
Every now and again. We're still looking for those weapons of mass destruction. ( A misnomer if ever there was, but that's another T shirt) If you believe that politicians are not always straight forward, wear this T shirt next time you meet one!
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'Politicians can do good and bad'

Let's have a French Revolution over here
Come on people it's the 21st century! Do we really want the French to beat us to a republic by 250 years?! Let's get going. if you want a republic in the UK get this T shirt!
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'The French had the right idea. Bit violent, but we don't have to copy everything.'



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T shirts are the ideal protest art medium. From Cuba to Croydon protest T shirts have helped put ideas in the public arena. Wear one of conceptTshirts protest designs and help change the world. Show that you care! If you want a unique T shirt designed by UK artists then these T shirts are for you. We specialise in unusual, intriguing and intelligent T shirts that make people think.

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