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Anti war T shirts
Anti-war T shirts to show your beliefs to the world
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USA - rogue state

Read the definition of a rogue state and you'll find one of the countries that fits it best is our old friend the USA. It could be such a force for good in the world - as it has been in the past. Protest at the USA's current behaviour.

Weapon Dealers for Bush...

Business is booming for the arms dealers. Celebrate with them!

Nagasaki 1945
Remind politicians what an atomic bomb actually looks like


Arms are for hugs not for war

A T shirt to put a smile on your face and a protest in the street.

Stop the bombing

Simple and succint

Every time we bomb Iraq are we really safer?


Bu$h World Tour

If you think that George Bush is influenced by more than just the desire to spread democracy you need this T shirt. Where will his world tour take him next? We assume he won't attack the UK, but you never know...


Simplicity in design, but a great message to the baddies who are destroying the world. Use it and wear it on all protests and demos.

Have a nice day
Our friendly American T shirt - rolling through your country shouting have a nice day - in a tank. First the tanks then the fast food joints!


Guantanamo Bay Legal Black Hole

Guantanamo Bay. What do they think they are doing? No amount of talk about democracy can stop the damage caused by this human rights violation.

World War Free

Get this Tee and show a sense of humour and a strong political and protest message

Down with bad things
The archetypal protest T shirt. When there's so much that needs changing a general purpose T shirt is often the way. Campaign with a dash of humour!


Don't start wars End poverty

If you believe even some of the billions spent annually on military the world over could be better allocated, wear this T shirt and tell the world how to change for the better.

Politicians tell porkies

Every now and again. We're still looking for those weapons of mass destruction. ( A misnomer if ever there was, but that's another T shirt) If you believe that politicians are not always straight forward, wear this T shirt next time you meet one!

The Iraq boomerang has come home to roost
Well it has, hasn't it?!


War is really about...

War is really about young men with their intestines around their neck and/or their legs blown off at the knees. tell the truth about war. It's not glamourous and it is destructive.

Iraq Peace Team (on back)

Try and get the message across with an Iraq Peace Team T shirt!

Democracy in action


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