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about ConceptTshirts

Welcome to conceptTshirts - the fine artist designed UK T shirt label. Please read about our philosophy here


We want to bring contemporary art out of the gallery and onto the street. Let art make a difference again.

We want to popularise fine art, stop it only been seen in galleries and make it seen on the streets. We also want to change the world, just a little bit.

Most contemporary art is seen in special hallowed spaces, and if anyone wanted to buy it they would have to hand over a large pile of cash. We want to make original affordable contemporary art available to everyone, at a price that is affordable.

Art should make a difference in people's lives, and the street is a great place for this interaction to occur.


ConceptTshirts is run as a fine art collective. Any artists are welcome to send in designs to be made into T shirts. The main artists currently designing for conceptTshirts are Jonathan, artistx, Reb and P****L.


We are global - as artists from around the globe send in designs and slogans for the site! However we are mainly located in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, UK.


You can contact us by email at: help@concepttshirts.co.uk

or by mail at: F1, 6 High Street, Fishguard, Wales


If you want practical information about our T shirts, delivery, faq, click here