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Google homepage gadgets                                                   

Google homepage gadgets (they used to be called modules) are a fantastic way to personalise your google homepage. We have developed some modules that we are using and giving away for free to anyone who wants them. All modules are completely free to use.

What are google homepage gadgets? Can you explain and help me get started?

Sure! If you need help click here to learn all about google homepage modules. Otherwise just add the relevant url to your google content and enjoy! Longer instructions are at the bottom of the page.

1. Amazon USA Search box Search Amazon.com from your google homepage!
This lets you search the amazon.com (USA) version of amazon

2. Amazon UK Search box Search Amazon.co.uk from your google homepage!
Search amazon UK from your homepage!

3. UK freebies. Get a list of freebies to your computer every day!
This gadget is an updated list of freebies available in the UK. A great little tool that you can click on and find out new freebies everyday.

4. Amazon UK Top DVDS Get the current top selling Amazon UK DVD on your google page
Paste the URL below into your google homepage

5. Amazon USA Search box Search Amazon from your google homepage!
This lets you search the amazon.com (USA) version of amazon

How do I get started with google gadgets?

Google gadgets are great! They let you customise your google page with information and links that are relevant to you. It is very easy to get started, so here goes...

1. Join google (it's free and easy!).

You can use google.com or your local google (such as google.co.uk).

Do you have a google account? If so, please sign in and skip ahead to number 2. If not you can sign up for a free one by clicking on the sign in link in the top right hand corner. This will take you to a page titled Personalize Your Homepage. On the right are two boxes. The top one is for signing in - but you are not a member yet. You need the lower box, which says, Not using Google Mail or other Google Account services? Click on Create an account now. You will have to enter your email address and a password. Make sure your password is secure as the system will not accept an insecure one. By this I mean, make sure you mix some letters and numbers into the password. You also have to tell your country, and type in some hard-to-read characters - this is to make sure that you are human and not a machine. Click on create my account.

Google will now send you an email, to make sure that your email address was correct. Check your emails and read the one from google. Click on the confirmation link in the email. You will be taken back to the google site which will tell you:

Email Address Verified

Thank you for verifying your Google account. Your account is now activated.

Well Done!

Now click on Click here to continue. You are now signed in and will see your email address at the top of the page. You've done the hard bit!

2. Start adding content

Atlast we can add the content and personalise your page! In the top left hand corner of the google page is a link saying Add content ». Click on this.

The page now has a google logo, a search box a button marked Search homepage content and a smaller link to the right of the big button that says Add by URL. Click on this. You will now be prompted for a webaddress starting with http://

3. Copy the URL you want from the list above on this page

Come back to this very page (http://www.concepttshirts.co.uk/google-gadgets.php) and choose the gadget that you want to add. Copy the URL of your choice. For example, if you want to be able to search the Amazon.com site then you should copy http://www.concepttshirts.co.uk/googlegadgets/amazonussearch.xml

For the UK amazon site you should copy http://www.concepttshirts.co.uk/googlegadgets/amazonuksearch.xml

Paste your choice into the box on the google page that starts with http:// .Make sure you don't have two lots of http:// by mistake. Either delete the one in the box, or do not paste it in. (eg - only paste www.concepttshirts.co.uk/googlegadgets/amazonussearch.xml or www.concepttshirts.co.uk/googlegadgets/amazonuksearch.xml or whatever URL you want.

4. Almost there!

Click Add. Google will then start the process of making your personal homepage. It will ask you: You are about to aadd a feature that was created by google... Just click on OK.

5. See it in action!

Now click on Back to homepage in the top left hand corner, and you will return to your google homepage, personalised for you!

6. More.

You can repeat this process as often as you want. Enjoy!

Any questions, email us at gadgets@concepttshirts.co.uk


This article is written by ARTISTX, a member of www.conceptTshirts.co.uk and a web expert. Visit www.concepttshirts.co.uk for more online-business help. You may reprint this article as long as this credit is kept intact.

To use any of these gadgets, copy and paste the relevant URL into the google homepage content adder (click on add content when you are on the google homepage. You must have signed up for a free google account for this to work)

Google homepage gadgets

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