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Spoof T shirts
Fantastic Spoof T shirts that'll make you smile and spread a bit of happiness as you walk along the street!
click on a T shirt design for all available colours & styles. £16.90
Vernon. click and choose your colour
Vernon. click and choose your colour
Vernon. click and choose your colour


Get FAKE! emblazoned across your chest! or give it to your best mate!

CRY HERE              OR HERE!

!This is a brilliant design. Cry here is written on one shoulder, or here on the other. Wear it when you are visiting a friend in need

Plain White T shirt
Which of course it isn't, because it says Plain white T shirt on the front!


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I went to a T shirt shop..

I went to a T shirt shop and all I got was this lousy T shirt. Everyone knows what this is spoofing!


In affectionate remembrance of Australian cricket...

A spoof of the original advert put in The Times in 1887 when Australia beat England at the Oval. It's taken a while, but now we can get our own back!

Make poetry history
A spoof that's going down well for those in the know!


I am smiling

if you're misunderstood then you need this T shirt design. Mona Lisa is the most misunderstood person in art. And all along, she was smiling!

Marvellous use of green

Ever heard people look at a painting and then step back and say 'Marvellous use of green?'! If so this is for you!

no slogan
Sometimes you just want to wear a plain T shirt with no slogan...!


This is not a T shirt

Like Magritte? Then this T shirt is a must have. Anyone with an arty background will love it! It's what the Surrealists would have made, if they'd printed Tees!

Area 51

Interested in UFOs and other unexplained phenomena? You need our Area 51 T shirt - Top research facility - No trespassing - violators will disappear without trace ! If you've smiled, get this T!

Caution I stop suddenly
Prevent accidents and collisions with this sensible tee! (print is on back)


Just buy it

I think we all know what this is a spoof of. A more honest advertising slogan.

Worst employee of the month

Oh those performance enhancing employee of the month certificates. Really help morale, except we can all see through them as though they're made of tissue paper.

How am I walking
Spoof of the signs on the back of lorries!


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