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Welcome to the press office. Here are our latest press releases. Please click on the headings to read the full press release. For more information please contact news@concepttshirts.co.uk
Latest press releases
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04.03.09 2009 Summer Collection of cool T shirts launched!

25.08.06 Cutting edge Web 2.0 application launched for artists and unsigned bands

21.08.06 Art Street Team launched to change the world. And have artistic fun

19.08.06 Play the free Tony Blair artwork!

15.08.06 79 year old Youtube star has got a fan club!

15.08.06 Relax with free classic poetry straight to your computer

10.08.06 You can be the next dotcom success with free ebook packed with expert advice!

02.08.06 Competition lovers flock to win free DVDs

01.08.06 Celebrate Schwarzenegger’s job offer to Blair with a ‘I won’t be back’ T shirt!

31.07.06 Help bring Peace to Lebanon by wearing a T shirt

18.07.06 Yo Blair! New T shirts celebrate Middle Eastern diplomacy Bush style

29.06.06 Anti death penalty t shirts launched

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'T shirts are the greatest form of off-line mass communication available today. Any organisation that does not utilise the power of T shirts is not reaching it's potential.'
'We design T shirts that interact with life and politics and take ideas and art out onto the street.'
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"Concept T Shirts, a UK company that produces some rather nifty gear" cerealBUZZ

conceptTshirts T shirts are being featured on a Teachers TV programme about democracy.

The Times 9.01.07 Fashion: Back to the future, the key trends for Spring/Summer 2007


The UK US relationship is special, so special that GW Bush greets Tony Blair with the old school welcome ‘Yo Blair!’ Learn about GW Bush’s approach to Middle Eastern diplomacy! Celebrate these moments of political honesty with a T shirt from www.conceptTshirts.co.uk

The G8 summit has given us all an insight into the real relationships and discussions of the political elite. Away from the polished sentences of news conferences we have at last heard the way these politicians speak to each other.

George W Bush greets Tony Blair with a ‘Yo Blair!’ which is maybe not worrying, but is certainly unexpectedly informal. He also analyses the current Middle East conflict in the following terms: 'Get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit and it’s over.'

The artists at conceptTshirts.co.uk have made some T shirts with these slogans on to bring the spotlight of the world to these realpolitik moments which say so much about our elected leaders.




29.05.06 London

New T shirts have been designed to help spread the word that the death penalty is outdated and wrong. When Zacarias Moussaoui has just been spared the death penalty, maybe opinions are changing. Now is the time to keep up the pressure on governments to remove the death penalty form the statute books.

Three new T shirts has been designed to help convey the message that the death penalty is cruel and should be abolished all over the world. Concept T shirts, renowned for T shirt designs that tackle important issue have designed a T shirt with the message ‘Kill the Death penalty.’ A second T shirt lists the facts about executions:

Executions 2005
China 1770+
Saudi 86+
USA 60

A third makes a point that brings the death penalty home to everyone.

It could be you!

The death penalty was abolished in the UK in 1965 but it remains in place in many countries – in fact only 81 have abolished the death penalty completely. According to Amnesty International, in 2005 at least 2148 people were executed in 22 countries – 94% of these being in China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the USA.

There are over 20000 people on death rows around the world.

Concept T shirts hope that their anti-death penalty T shirt designs will help bring these shocking facts to people’s attention and help get the death penalty abolished around the world.




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