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If you entered a slogan that you'd like on a T shirt then it will turn up here. Click on the T shirt to see the prices and any style/colour choices.

Price is around £16 plus £2.20 postage and packing.

T shirts are currently dispatched within 2 days of ordering.



click image for details
  Buy me a drink   dids  




click image for details
  Buy me a drink   dids  




Master plasterer (female)
  Buy me a drink   Irish abroad...  




& ISAIAH 61 on the back.
  I'm with stupid - click design for more colours   Bourne 2 B WiLd  



Fatal 2 God heaven burns
  My mate   I'm with the band  



Princess - click on image to alter text colour, font and text position yoursel. You can change the text as well if you like!
  Everton...   Princess T shirt  



master plasterer
  honeymoon period: click image for other colours   Mrs Brodie - click the imageto see different colours and to buy.  



Hereford United This is the year? click image for alternative designs and colours and to buy!
  carpe diemquam minimum credula postero (back: Carpe diem)   Infinity squared. Think big




  Addy P Beatbox   Warning Chavs (click image to see second design as well)



I am the lizard king
  Buy me diamonds   saucepot



I love chavs
  I'm a true skater   fame



Abergrundle & Bonch
  Tree hugger   Kidzone



I love u bad bad
  David Seaman is my hero   Estrela-do-mar



At lunch back in 1 hour justina
  England   Yummy mummy


crew new monkey every saturday night
  Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are   Amzy lovin lance




Sorry ladies I'm married
  sorry lads I'm married   Bush and Blair the nightmare pair


Valley boy
  bling bling   Stop staring at my tits
I like expensive T shirts
  Bush and Blair world tour continues (on back)   bababababa...I'm chavin' it!



Only the stupid are sure of anything
  Devils & Dust   Geordies do it better


  I'm with the band   If it looks easy it probably isn't


May the best team win
  new dad   Our landlord does nothing about the rats
Water pistols at dawn
  don't get madd get gladd   Claire





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