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hip hop kangaroo
This is not reality

Rats in a mini


Hip Hop Kangaroo


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Rebecca Davies Watercolour T shirts

Sitting nude

Fishguard Harbour

Lying Nude

Sitting nude


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fine art drawing
windows fine art drawing
vicar drops baby in font T shirt
 The remote was just too far away... (see bigger drawing)  Windows claimed another victim (see bigger drawing)

 The vicar dropped the baby...(see bigger drawing)

The remote control was just too far away so he invented a remote control for the remote control. Windows claimed another victim The vicar dropped the baby in the 11th century font

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Sketch T shirts

windows fine art drawing
vicar drops baby in font T shirt
 Vote for me... (see bigger drawing)  I was born to rock (see bigger drawing)

 The travel agent...(see bigger drawing)

Sure you only see me every 4 years, yes I claim huge expenses and voted myself an enormous payrise...but please - vote fo me!

I was born to rock. But I can only do it when I get home from the bank

The travel agent needed a holiday before she went mad

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