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sausage fight no. 3

Please send us your pictures of sausage fights and we'll post the best ones here.

In a widely anticipated statement the Blair government has admitted that fine art is now more popular than commiting suicide.
'Oh yes,' Mr Julian Foulds said when questioned, 'We have suspected for a while now that some people are taking up painting instead of killing themselves, but this proves it. We are very pleased.' more
It has been announced that next year's big brother will last for 300 years, with an eviction every deacde. 'This way we hope to really get under the skin of a collection of wannabee families for several generations.' Children born in the house will be eligible for eviction on their twentieth birthday, whilst viewers are able to vote to decide who will have to sleep on the bed of nails and more
Shocking new evidence has come to light of children, some as young as three, being sold cigarettes in their nurseries. Already there have been seven arrests of four-years, one known only as Master Big - was caught in a sting at more


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We want your photos of artists out and about. Anyone, anything, taking art outside and not afriad to have people peer over their shoulder and say nothing.
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